Shit! That’s Art


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Get your shit together and win in this new hilarious gag game gift. Poop onto canvas and sculpt according to what the game categories call for. Make (literally) what the card you pick says, such as a famous building, do it better than your opponents and be a winner!

There’s a fake chili to loosen people’s bowels up, and a fake banana to stop things up if needed.

Five categories of cards including; Basket Weave, Animal Sculpture, Splatter Art, Famous Buildings, and Pretzel Design.

Think of the look on your friends’ faces when they open this gift 🙂

Also, For every purchase made Mongofun will donate $1.00 to The Gorilla Organization to prevent the extinction of this magnificent species. We can save them.

Weight: 0.86
Length: 9
Width: 6
Height: 3


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