Make Life More Fun 🙂

Matt Schechner, the owner of Mongofun, has always had a love for novelty and gag items.

In elementary school he was the kid who was constantly confounding his teachers with fake vomit on their desks, wearing a fake arm cast to get out of P.E. Class, and handing out garlic gum to his fellow students.

This stayed with him even into college where the Dean of Students told him that he was not the kind of student that he typically threw out of the college but he was going to if the pranks and jokes ("As clever as they were") didn't stop. If you ask Matt he may tell you some of those outrageous pranks he did in college, one which caused a friendly riot and another which stranded his entire dorm outside after a blizzard the night before. The students cheered when they put him and his two friends into the squad car when they finally figured what he did and then where he was.

Matt is now truly living his dream with the creation of this company. His goal is to be bring fresh and fun ideas to the novelty industry, and put smiles on the faces of as many people as possible.


“The noblest art is that of making other people happy."
P.T. Barnum